The Band

“Recalling the music of the 1920s and 1930s, Manchester-based Bo Weavil take to authentic American roots music like ducks to water; it’s as if it were in their blood. With an emphasis on old-time and country blues styles, their influences are peppered with the occasional seasoning of Celtic heartbeat, cosmic vibe and reggae rhythm, creating a very distinctive contemporary slant on this timeless music.”Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Music Magazine

Hello there! We are Bo Weavil, a musical group from the North-West of England. Formed in 2011 and playing an evolving brew of folk, blues, country and bluegrass, we unashamedly play to the crowd with an entertaining mix of upbeat folk medleys, steady ballads and mournful blues, peppered all the way with plentiful three-part harmony singing and an emphasis on authoritative fiddle melodies. Since forming a little while ago, we’ve been playing a variety of pubs, clubs and festivals throughout the North of England.

We’re made up of… Dom Dudill on fiddle, Dave Layton on drums, Lee Webster on banjo/dobro, Mark Ross on guitar & Tommy “The Musical” Rushton on bass. It’s strange to think that just a couple of years ago we had never met. After many, many evenings since spent drinking tea and heatedly debating compositions, chord structures and choruses, what was once a band of strangers has quickly developed into a bunch of passionate and close musical compatriots. We’re always looking for a new twist on an old tune and always looking forward to our next gig… and we will do our best to surprise and delight you with what we’ve been coming up with.

To book us for a gig or just have a chat, click the contact page. We’ll be happy to hear from you. Also, if you’ve heard us and you like us, why not make it official and “like” us on facebook? Cheers! Links below.

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